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Indigo child?

I am 15 and I have a very strong strong belief/feeling that I am a Indigo child. I have all of the feelings mostly that indigo people usually feel. I am looking to figure out what I should do about this. Figuring out what my potential/"talent" is. Can anyone help me please?

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    Many Indigos are often misunderstood and do not understand the world around them. If they give into societal pressure without help and assistance they lose their purpose and understanding that they were born with about the spiritual aspects of life on Earth and how spirit works within the Universe.

    As an Indigo - look within yourself, the answer is there for you to find and it is something that you have probably been denying yourself in your life. If you have tried to fit into society, it may be harder to remember or understand what your role is, but look back to when you were younger and what you loved and enjoyed doing - there lies what your purpose is and what your role is in paving the way for the future.

    If you want to discuss more, please feel free to contact me.

    Source(s): There are many books and websites dedicated to this generation of Indigos, especially with so many being under 35 and growing up with computers. I will list several links below for you to check out. Source(s): - on this site there is a lot of information and many groups you can join in. An Indigo Celebration - Lee Carroll; Paperback The Care And Feeding Of Indigo Children - Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.; Paperback Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children - Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.; 2-CD Set
  • Try this article from wikipedia that describes the characteristics of Indigo children and offers some resources for more information:

    Also, don't push yourself. If you try to develop a talent you don't have, you will begin to feel and think negatively, which will suppress any talents you do have. Meditation is also an excellent way of opening your mind and learning control.

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    All I can suggest is...

    Read whatever you can about Indigo children.

    Be prepared to spend many years trying to figure out your purpose.

    Be aware what topic excites you enough to be involved...that might be a start.

    I think Indigos are usually helping others figure out themselves or helping the world become a better place.

    Good luck to you and your future self.

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