swallowing pain severe in neck?

the other day, I got this pain on my right side of my neck, right were my pulse is. The pain felt like something was sqeezing my gland or something in my neck.the pain was so severe that i couldn't move and when I swallowed, it became worse. It lasted 10 minutes or so.No heartburn, no cold- no ear infection, but the pain effected my lowerpart of my ear. Help

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  • bogey
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    1 decade ago
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    Wow, did the pain come out of nowhere?

    or were you taking a pill and then notice the pain?

    I have noticed at times that a pill will get stuck in that area of my throat while I am taking a capsule or pill and it is quite painful.

    If you were taking a pill and the pain is gone and hasn't come back, then just be more careful next time and don't worry about it.

    If however, the pain came from out of nowhere, then go see your doctor. It isn't normal to have that kind of pain.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Not long ago, I had those symptoms too. I ended up going to the doctor and it was a throat infection. The doctor prescribed penicillin, It may not be the same illness but if you're hesitating visiting the doctor because you don't have health insurance, you can try different medicines. First of all, try to get rid if the fever. Advil or Tylenol can help with both the fever and headache. Try not to drink anything cold to help your throat soreness. The no energy is just part of being sick. If you can, get as much bed rest as you can. It may hurt swallowing but drink plenty of fluids and try to eat. If you don't start to feel better or get worse, you have no choice but to visit a doctor.

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