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How much TV do I really need?

I will be purchasing a new TV now that our 18 yr old CRT type TV has died. I am curious to know how Hi Def LCD and Plasma TVs handle analog signals such as from VCRs and basic cable (not digital).

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    NONE!! tv is like crack

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    They handle it bad. what the do is show all the imperfections of the source. However a good TV will display an image better becuse of the processor inside. But it can only do so much. I can't watch a vcr tape on my plasma it looks bad. For analog tv that depends on the signal.

    In feb of 2009 analog signals are supposed to stop being broadcast.

    at least get digital cable w/ HD if you are getting a HDTV. If not then why bother. Buy an digital SD tube TV and be happy.

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    Carrying a LCD or Plasma TV on an analog signal is like pumping premium fuel into a 20-yr-old car.

    If you are not planning to advance to at least digital signal, then save your money and stick to a conventional tube TV. You can get a 30" virtual flat screen TV these days for under $200.

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    Analog signals will display as they do on an analog set but the better pic is revealed due to some upconversion to 480p. Without a digital signal thats about the best U will get but it will B worth it. The analog fade out should B about 2009 according 2 latest sources.

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    well i thought i was gonna answer your Q, but i read it again, and now I'll wait,

    i think after 2007 there will no longer be analog signals,, sent through cable, as far as VCR, there will probably be a device to convert the signal

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    Yes they do.

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