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waht do you think about school homework.?

I think is boaring but it's worth it.What do you think.

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    I think it should be assigned on an "as needed " basis. If you need practice on your spelling or math or whatever, you might benefit from homework. But if you already know the material, it is unneccesary. I agree that it eats into family/relaxation time. Our school day here is plenty long enough to teach what they need to know. I believe a student can only learn so much in a day.

    A few family projects now and then is okay, but teachers should consider the child's family situation and the parents' income level.I also believe homework should not count toward grades. And are you ready for the real surprise...?...........

    ....I'm a teacher!

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    Homework serves its purpose...

    1. Immediate feedback for you and your parents...did you learn what you had to learn in school today? If not, then you have a second shot at it.

    2. A child's learning is NOT only my responsibility as a teacher. Memorizing and learning certain facts will NOT happen in the time allotted for me to teach it (multiplication facts for example). Time has to be spent at home learning as well.

    3. I don't give homework over the weekend, its cruel and unusual punishment.

    4. Since homework DOES cut in on family time I give only 1 hour of homework a night, plus the occasional project.

    Most of the homework though, is practice related to things we did in class and if the child had a tough time...that's why I run a homework club in the mornings so that they can come in early and review it with me.

    I realize that homework can be an inconvenience, but to me it is a necessary evil. I DON'T have enough time in the classroom for some children, especially when you consider the fact that in a class of 20 I have kids whose parents actually do learning activities with them and children whose parents let them sit in front of the TV all day...I have to serve all these children equally and help them all succeed. I could take everyone's situation into consideration but then would that be seen as targeting certain students while favoring others??? Most likely it, I just give the same amount of homework to everyone...all the time.

    Source(s): 5th Grade teacher
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    As a parent I think homework on a nightly basis is just plain stupid! If they cannot teach a student what they need to know during school then how do they expect students to learn outside of school? Homework just requires the parent to be the teacher and if I intended to homeschool I would do just that! As for an occasional project - cool whatever...just don't mess with family time and extra curriculars for a nightly pile of bull! Just my humble opinion.

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    Homework is there to determine whether or not you learned what the teacher was trying to teach you. Not to mention that applying information helps to retain it.

    There is the occasional (more often for certain teachers) busy-work that does nothing but chew time, but those are usually easy and mindless.

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    If it will help you spell better and learn some rules of puncuation then I definently think it's worth it!

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    i think it sucks but i have to do it if i want to graduate high school

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