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What do I do??

I hooked up with my best friend's girl. We were both drunk and she doesn't want to tell him. Do I tell him and take the hit??

Or wait til she tells or he finds out??

I don't want to lose a friend. It does go bros b4 ho's right?? Then he should be on my side, right??

*I don't mean that I think she is a whore(although many think she is)

Is it better for me to tell him soon here and deal with the fact that our friendship will be a little weaker(not destroyed tho)


Not say anything until she has been with all our friends??

Would you rather hear it from your friend or g/f??

What would she be able to blame on me??

Does the whole crying for sympathy thing only work for chicks??

Wouldn't he let me off scott free?? I am his friend. We are 17.

Should I tell him how she has slept with some of our other friends too?? Should I tell my g/f??

(I am using a friends account to post this, the avatar is not me)

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    Why are you asking this again?

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    Well how serious is he about her? and waiting til she tells maybe a bad idea because then it's her version and who's to say she won't lie and put it all on you if she is running threw your crew she less than your BF deserves speak up but be prepared for him to be distant or even choose her but at least you did what was right, although drinking is a really poor excuse if you can't hang with the big dogs get back on the porch with puppies, that will only go so far be responsible for you drunk or sober your actions are yours

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    maybe you should make this shorter and then people wouldn't get thing i can help you with is that its up to her to tell she will do when she ready but if they find out 4 hand and they ask y you didn't say anything you will have to explain why and that you didn't want to break the friendship

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    If she doesn't want to tell her boyfriend/your friend, you're gonna have to because it will keep bothering you until he knows. Don't fake cry. Don't lie to make your story more convincing because if he catches you, he'll be more inclined to believe his girlfriend. Or try to get evidence next time she sleeps with those other guys. I think you should tell your girlfriend.

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    If you wanna stay friends with him you should tell him to break up with the girl and tell him she hooked up with you.

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