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Stress help please people please read on?

Im stressed soo much mostly because school, my dad is in alcoholic rehab, this stress is giving me head aches, aches pains cramps, and it is injuring my back, i fell sensative, i dont know what to do what to feel I need some answers besides talk to a friend, physician, or family member!!!

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    I'm sorry about what's happening to you, that's a lot to have to deal with. The only thing you can control is yourself. You need to realize that you can't do anything about your father's problems....that's for him to do. All you can do is encourage and support him. You say he's in rehab which means he's working on it.

    Your school work is the most important thing for you to concentrate on right now. I hate to say this because you didn't want me to but:

    It would tremendously help you to talk to people who are going through the same things you are. I encourage you to check out Al-Anon.......

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    But those are good answers, especially see a physician. What are you looking for, an easy way out? Sorry! You may be suffering from major depression and need medication. By the way, do you drink? If so stop immediately. If you do drink you are probably an alcoholic too. According to the latest medical data if you have only one parent or grandparent who is or was an alcoholic you stand about a 44% chance of being or becoming an alcoholic too. If you have more than one parent or grandparent on either side of the family who is or was an alcoholic you have better than a approximately 96% chance of being or becoming an alcoholic. So if you do drink, then stop, but either way you know you need to see a doctor don't you? Good luck and best wishes.

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    Number 1, you must take care of yourself. First of all, cut out all caffeine, alcohol, or any drugs not prescribed by a doctor. Make sure you eat a healthy well-balanced diet, low in carbs and sugar. And make sure you do hard aerobic exercise--I know that helps stress a log for me. Stress management is part of this too, but I find this really hard to do. Yoga or something like that might help.

    You don't say where you are in school. If you are at University, can you take a semester off?

    I know you are worried about your dad, but realize it's out of your hands. Whether he gets clean and sober is up to him. Alanon or a similar group may help you understand the stress of having a family member who is an alcoholic.

    Please surround yourself with solid, loving friends. Ditch the negative people.

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    Don't rule out the possibility that the pain you are suffering is NOT caused by the stress.

    I used to attribute frequent headaches to "stress". After a couple of dental visits and a root canal, I have noticed a great improvement. Turns out the nerves in the damaged teeth were "referring" pain to the rest of my head.

    Do see a doctor. See if there is a medical cause for the headaches. They may be Sources of stress instead of Symptoms of stress.

    And for what its worth... I don't know you, but I sympathize with your situation and am hopeful that you will come through this stressful time okay.

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    I have been where you are. When I was 13 my dad left for rehab. Although its hard now with your dad gone, it will get better. Ask you mom if she can help you find a program called Alateen or Alanon. One is for kids of alcoholic parents the other is for family members of an alcoholic. It is free and there are people there who are in the same boat as you

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    Maybe you need to learn meditation to relieve ur stresses. You have to remember to start thinking of ur self. I don't mean by being selfish just having you time. Ok dad's in rehab, think of that in a positive way not negitive, he's getting help. go to spa to help ur aches and pains and try to relax. these are the most important years of your life but getting stressed out is not going to benefit you. do the best you can at school but please try and relax for at least 30 to 60 mins a day.

    Godd luck

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    stress can release certain hormones that are bad for your order to stop this from happening you should take up some activities that allow you to relax and you should work out on a daily basis because working out releases endorphines which are good hormones that make you feel healthy

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    you need to see a psych doctor and get some rest. try to spend 30 minutes each day by your self thinking of something pleasant.

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    exercise, a good diet and rest are you're best defenses, and maybe learn some relaxation / deep breathing exercises...walking can be very relaxing. Try it.

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