do you think americans are losing our rights in the name of sercuityagainst so called terrorism?

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    Nope. I still have all my rights.

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    1 decade ago

    What exactly do you mean "so called terrorism"? Are you saying that terrorism doesn't exsist? or isn't around anymore?

    Some of our rights (freedom) was taken away on Sept.11. We have to watch our backs even more now. We're in a war against people who want to kill us. Iran, if they had the chance, would try to kill us and Israel. That is why we are over in the mid-east. We haven't declared war on any one country, but terrorism.

    Fighting this war, it's not like ww1/2 where we know where the enemy is, and that is what most people don't realize. It's a tough battle on only time will tell how it will end up, unless something major happens.

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    Americans lose their rights every time there's some type of "security" measure.

    Remember all of the Americans who were sent to internment camps when the US was involved in WW2 w/ Japan? Well, that was for security and a whole lot of Americans lost their rights just because they had Japanese ancestry. In the end, it did nothing to improve security. All it did was satisfy the false generalizations and paranoia of the American public.

    We're in the same situation today. A whole lot of work, for nothing. A whole lot of rights being taken away when it's not necessary.

  • 1 decade ago

    We as a Nation are trading tiny pieces of our Freedoms for a full

    stomach, a warm home. Not to mention living in a cyber-space

    universe. Filled with drug commercials, false realities of film, and

    techno-drugs... driven by credit cards , fear driven policies that jam airports and leave Katrina victims stripped of the freedoms promised them in rebuilding....yes we are losing our Freedoms, but not in the expected way. NSA and other agencies work behind the scenes by 'hanging on every word.'

    Like poison gas they come in under the door and suddenly we are over come !!!

    What shall we do???? Go shopping????????

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  • 1 decade ago

    YES in the name of security power is being shifted to forces that can best contain our freedom of movement ,expression and civil rights. Although it is a necessary solution to the problem. The application and exploitation of this chance to grasp power will be taken advantage of by those who can. To what degree remains to be scene as time goes the name of FREEDOM is the excuse of the new millenium!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    How can you call terrorism "so called"?

    Dude, I hear your chains rattling.

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