CSBWAP network???

One of the networks shows up on my laptop as CSBWAP and it has wep protection on it. I never thought anything of it until i changed my wireless channel to 1 today and when i went to search networks it changed to 1 with me. I looked it up and CSB WAP on yahoo and it is supposedly a mac airport or some kind of public acces point or something. What is it? Why did it change with me?

Its wireless G and its MAC ADR. is 00:16:B6:D1:48:18

i am detecting it now in my home and there is no buildings besides houses within at least half a mile.


If it is a public network how would i obtain the wep key to use it. or at least find where is it at

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  • Taba
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    1 decade ago
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    If its a public network it would not be secured. CSBWAP stands for something. It is the SSID. I dont know what CSB stands for but the WAP probably stands for Wireless Access Point.

    CSB is probably for some business. A clear wireless signal can travel a half mile if the transmitter has a clear line of site to you...

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