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WHat would you pack...?

if you were going on a mission trip from from June 24 to July 9 to England, Ireland, and Whales...that involved a week of mission "boot camp" in New York, and possibly building churches and definatly spending time in orphanages?

Nothing to do with me, but a friend of mine.

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    I would pack these items. Keep it at the essentials if you know that laundry services will be availible.

    Clothing Items

    1. A sturdy pair of walking shoes

    2. Three-five pairs of durable, comfortable, denim jeans or regular pants

    3. One or two denim, cotton, wool, or corduroy blazer(s)

    4. One waterproof, lightweight windbreaker

    5. Five-Seven long-sleeved blouses or shirts, preferably warm

    6. Three short-sleeved shorts

    7. Nessesary undergarments

    8. One-Two pairs of pajamas

    Personal Grooming

    1. Toothbrush

    2. Toothpaste

    3. Brush

    4. Comb

    5. Shampoo

    6. Conditioner

    7. Body wash

    8. Hand Sanitizer

    9. Other nessesary essentials

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    Light duty boots


    clothes to layer--several tshirts, jeans, shorts, long-sleeve tees


    light windbreaker

    very small gifts/tokens for children in orphanages--maybe a corporation would donate something

    possibly very small compact umbrella


    basic toiletries to get you started--pref big size as these items usually cost more in europe

    that's what I can think of off the top of my head

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    An Umbrella just to be sure. A light jacket.

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    Nothing unusual. Changes of clothes, tooth brush.

    I assume things like soap and tooth paste can be found in Brittan etc.:)

    Whips and chains optional. (If your friend is like that.:))

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