harrasment at work?

my boss is very sexest and racist. he constantly puts me down because i am female and complains all the time bout people of color(arican-american, asian, indian, mexican, ect....). why did he hire me if he does not think i can do a "mans" job? i work at a polo barn where i ride horses and longhorns, weld, build fence, run all kinds of farm equipment. i do more work out there than any of the other workers(all men). i cant afford to find another job right now that lets me keep my 2 horses there for free. plus i have some hospital bills i need to get paid off. i really hate it cause he constantly puts me down like i am worthless just cause i am female and constantly complains bout "other races" all the time. what can i do? please help!? and it doesnt help that i have low self esteem anyway...............


i am not on the pay role either. no benifits, insurance, have to pay taxes out of my pocket

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    you know, that sounds tough, just stick it out,until you get you bils paid off and try your hardest to find another job, that sounds terrible, but just because he puts you down doesnt mean anything, he obviously saw something in you when he hired you and why he has kept you on. dont have low self esteem. you are a strong confident woman and can do as you please. just remember that! dont let that jerk's insults get to you. i hope this helps. good luck

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    Hey!!! back up there shadouse, this lady is being abused.

    Dear lady, you are in a "no win" situation. That guy is not going to change.

    Its a very small business, so there are no harassment controls or punishment. Don't bother complaining to any government agencies.

    Believe me, you don't need the hassle.

    Don't get mad or confront him, you will lose.

    Get even!

    Get active and find another job and a solution for the horses. (I don't think that you can really afford to be keeping 2 horses, you are having trouble looking after yourself)

    Get another job, sell the horses or give them away. (sorry, I know that is cruel, but your love for them is trapping you in an abusive situation)

    Get that new job and quit in your own time frame and in your own conditions.

    Nobody!! can nor should, live and work under your situation.

    Best regards to you.


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    If what you claim is accurate, then your boss is violating federal law. Specifically Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. You should not have to deal with such discrimination. I left a link below to an equal rights advocate. They offer advice, and have a hotline.

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    I am amazed how women always think they do the most work. If you are so busy working how can you keep track of what everyone else is doing?

    As for your problem you can confront him.

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  • 1 decade ago

    quit the job. or report him to the a commision of fair employment....he is not uptodate

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