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Need help Urgent?

ok so my bff just broke up with her bf. i have talked to her but i would like some incuriging words like a poem or a saying that would make her feel better. i need it by like 9:25. please help me. she is goin through a really tough time.


we r talkin online.

Update 2:

i live in northeastern WI

Update 3:

they broke up because her ex came ovr and started makin out and he found out and she was tryin to get away from her ex but he wouldnt get away and now she couldnt get her bf to realise that.

Update 4:

she is startin to consider suicide. she loved him that much.

Update 5:

she also has a dad that is abbusive. ne help with that would be great 2

Update 6:

I need mor even though it is after 9:25. comon.

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    Okay maybe you can tell her that during ur lifetime you will go through so many guys, some will break your heart, some will break urs but you want to find someone that is worth your tears.

    and u can also mention this quote: Someone who is worth your tears will never make you cry.

    tell her that boys will come and go but u will be by her side forever.

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    it is already part 9:25 in PA. o well.

    play a song or something. there are TONS of break up sonds.

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    Life goes on always works. Theres other fish in the sea. Its not you its him.

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    Tell her "there are plenty of fish in the sea" or "You can do so much better than him"

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