Please Help! I need advise!!?

We've know each other for 11 years, But we lost contact the last four, He was the guy i had a little kids crush on since i was literally 4 years old, and years passed, we became really good friends and all and then a week before the last time i saw him 4 years ago he found out about the whole "crush" thing, then we went to diffrent schools and lost contact. Now we're in 11th grade, me 6, him 17.. Point is, we havn't talked since then, until christmas day.. We bumped into eachother at a getty, we talked and talked and talked, but the problem? he has a girlfriend, which by the way they make 10 months today.. my other problem? all the feelings i had 4 years ago have come rushing back, and to tell you the truth, it sucks. am pretty sure he doesn't even remember about me liking him but i dont know what to do. He makes me feel like i did last i saw him. So my question isnt only what should i do, but what to expect if i keep talking to him.. Please help i need advise!


me 16 not 6, sorry!!

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    well sounds like u guys should become friends again if he has a gf then just stay in contact trust me the same thing happened wit me but unfortunately he broke my heart when he got the chance just wait and see the felings might stay or they might go away but you have to be the friends u used to be first. good luck to u but dont under any circomstances let that boy break your heart ever u break his first

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  • 1 decade ago

    obviously he is in love..i havn't been in the sitiuations much so the only thing i would say is if you really like thim learn more about their relationship..r they steady and trust eachother? of they do i wouln't bet on them breaking up. and after all they have been going out for 11 months. i really dont know the details about this feeling you have for him. i really disagree with long distance relationships. but if you really love him you will be able to wait.

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  • that sucks! i've gonna been in something like that

    You should give him some clues that you still have feelings for him and make them obivious clues, case some guys won't get it.Once he realizes that you like him than he might telll you how he feels. OR you could just tell him how you feel and see how he responds.

    him having a girlfriend may be a problem , but he just might have feelings for you.

    good luck!!

    hope my advice helped

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I know how it feels. He's got a g/f, BUT if you tell him how you feel maybe there's hope, but unless you tell him there's no hope.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you spelled advice wrong...

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