I need a student loan!?

I am having a hard time paying for College. I do not have anyone who is able to co-sign a loan for me and I have not been able to establish my own credit yet. Doe sanyone know a bank that will make student loans to people with no credit?

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    Go to your financial aid office and see what is available.

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    Go to www.fasfa.ed.gov. Fasfa is the best way to get money for college. You can apply for loans or grants. Go to that webpage and you can do the whole thing online. READ carefully. You also cannot complete the form until after you or your parents have done taxes for 2006. (In the mean time, you can start the form and go back to it online) If you are 22 or under, they will want your parents tax information. If you are 23 or older, they will only want your info. The forms must be completed by July, but don't wait til then!!! This can be a lengthy process. Get your taxes done ASAP and impress on your parents to get theirs done ASAP also. Another little tidbit- don't lose your pin number once you get it!!

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    only private loans deal with co signers, credit and income...student loans do not. fafsa.com..fill it out and it will tell you if you qualify for pell, work study, and loans. There are also student credit cards you can get once you are enrolled in school that they give to new college students...without credit. GL

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    I recently checked a credit union. But you would need credit to get the student loan. If ypu haven't made ( under 22,000 ) alot in the last two years you could try FAFSA. gl ty

    Source(s): www.ed.gov.com
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    Talk to someone in your college's financial aid office. They often deal with these issues, and should be able to recommend legitimate lenders, assuming the problem isn't that you wasted your other financial aid.

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    I was in the same situation but my school offers student loans through salliemae, maybe check with your school or directly with salliemae.

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