Why is the religious right working to undo what the early evangelicals established?

What I am referring to is religious liberty. I am a Christian and am disturbed by the attempt by so many Christian leaders to have a political influence on the U.S. government. The people who pressed so hard for religious freedom to be added as amendments were pastors and ministers, not secular government leaders. Now they are being undone by their descendants. They understood that Christianity remains pure when persecuted, but becomes corrupted when it finds a friend in human government. Just think of the recent scandals. Those people were supposedly religious. It does awful things to the name of Christ. People are told how to vote when they go to church! One early leader wrote (paraphrasing of course)That politicians should be selected not on their claim to be religious, but on their character, effectiveness, honesty, and integrity. Those will speak much more for what they stand for than words. Read more free articles at www.libertymagazine.org I hope this opens some people's eyes.


Forgive me if it seems like I am picking on the right. I consider myself a republican, (not to get too personal) but I do see it occurring more on that side of things. It doesn't matter what side it is coming from. I have a problem with religion getting partisan period.

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I seriously recommend surfing through that site. I really love their common sense about Christianity's role in America.

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    That is the whole point of separation of church and state. Secularists claim that it was to remove religion from politics because of the intrusive nature of religion, itself. It is actually the contrary; it was to keep politicians out of the pulpits. When politicians and pastors get entwined in political matters, it is religion that suffers.

    More accurately, it was to protect both institutions from undue influence by either pastors or politicians. When political leaders use religion to advance policy objectives, they are abusing the faithful. When preachers use religious dogma to influence policy, they are abusing those who do not share their beliefs or interpretations, and are at risk of corrupting the faithful in order to achieve their political ends.

    It is best when preachers enjoy the same influence over politicians that farmers, businessmen, and the public at large does. It is also best when politicians enjoy the same influence over congregations that farmers, businessmen, and the public at large does.

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    Because, even the church is becoming corrupt. Many of the so called [BIG NAMED] religious leaders of our times are being found in many compromising situations [to say the least]. It seems the "call'en have fall'en" , remember they can be bought too !!! What better way to control the masses, and make millions.I guess, they just don't have the strength of faith they pretend to. After all whats stronger then GOD, why would you need the Government? Keep your belief & don't let this trend affect your faith. In times like this, faith can lift you up, REAL FAITH!!!!!

    Follow GOD not man !!!!

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    A very good point. Many early Christian groups practically demanded that the government stay out of religion for many reasons...not the least of which was their own survivability. Today we have radical evangelicals trying to subvert and destroy the very protections that allowed them to hold the beliefs they have. DeLay, Rumsfeld, Bush jr., Dobson, Connely, and their ilk have put themselves into the same side of the ring as LaHaye, Popoff, Roberston, Falwell, and Dobson. Thankfully Congress is in the hands of somewhat sane people again...but how long will it last?

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    You are not alone in your views on this subject.

    Our forefathers 'never' intended to 'mix & mingle' with those in government office.

    And, sadly to say, anything that goes on in government, and

    the christian community, doesn't surprise me a bit any more.

    The corruption, both in our country's leadership and in the churches, is just how Christ said it would be in the last days.

    And I 'fully' believe we 'are' in the last days.

    Don't get me wrong please, I feel we have several years to go before the total collapse of America, but collapse it will!!

    The end of this nation as being a 'proud, free, and God fearing' country has almost run it's course, and God will punish all

    who have 'pushed him aside' as we, the United States have.

    We really cannot point to any specific entity for this 'evil'

    that has been allowed to happen here, as Christians are equally

    responsible for the downfall of this 'land of freedom'.

    Too many Christians behave like the rest of the world, the UN-saved heathens, adding even more fire to the flame of hatred

    and anger toward christians 'all over the world'.

    So tell me then, why is it such a surprise to so many to find

    so much UN-christian activity going on in government, even by

    those who 'call' themselves 'Believers'.

    And what about the rest of us who really try to adhere to Christs teachings! Well, we are simply branded as joint heirs in being 'just like the rest' who confess Christ as Savior.

    Things in the U.S. have gotten 'way out' of control, and will only get worse before Christ returns..

    But, "As for me and my house , we 'will' serve the Lord".

    Source(s): Grandma of life's experiences.
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    Wonderful article. I believe that religion & government should be seperate, totally. A person's actions speak louder than words(cliche). I am totally turned off by people who try to push their form of religon on me; in any form. I especially hate to hear a politician spouting religion! Of course there are somethings that are considered relegious that must be addressed by government; abortion, for one. This can; as most things, be addressed without religion entering the question; Health issue.

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    Early Christians had nothing to do with the government. I think Constitine started a trend, Problem is Constitine was never Christian, he was a follower of Mithras whom he confuesed Christ with.

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    I go to 2 different churches and I have not seen any of this. Now I have seen this on the "Religious Left". Democratic canidates have made it common practice to go to Baptist churches to campaign. Howard Dean did it in Iowa when he went for the Presidential Nomination. John Edwards just did it recently in New Orleans. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have done it for years.

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    I used to have JW's pass to me.. till they found out that i'm a Mormon.. now they do no longer come around any further... in case you do no longer choose for those human beings coming around.. tell THEM!! it works for Our Missionaries.. it is your decision!... in case you do no longer tell them, then they'll come back at yet all over lower back.. you in no way be attentive to whilst somebody will unquestionably substitute their concepts and hear what they should aid you be attentive to... by employing the way.. for those with canines and that permit them to out to attack missionaries.. $4 million in court docket settlement these days right here in Texas.. and the canines have been destroyed.. and the guy replaced into no longer a missionary.. in basic terms a shop clerk.

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    Because they don't have enough faith in God to allow people to find their own path. Unfortunately, even seeking knowledge outside of books they feel are ok is sometimes discouraged. I feel that knowledge can come from many sources and just because you may not feel that source if altogether good, it doesn't nullify any true knowledge produced.

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    The Religious Right is doing this? Thats news to me.

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