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Why is my period late? Part 2? i stated before my periods are irregular..sometimes they are 3 days early or 10 days late. My last 2 periods were on the 19th of oct and then the 20th of november. I am NOT sexually active. I am 23 years old, my period started when i was 12 and i haven't gotten my period yet for the month of december. As i recall, that hasnt happened before. I had finals on december 11 and 12 (VERY hard finals) and then got the stomach flu on the 14th-18/19th. I had a BIG stressful personal problem on the 15th.

I dont know what is going on...somebody help..NOW im scared. Im pre-med as well.


like...i will get little cramps like i would when i am right about to start my period, but then when i go to check...false alarm...

what could be the cause of this? can stress seriously mess me up THIS bad?

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    Well you certainly aren't pregnant.

    Stress can really mess up your hormones and thus your cycles. It is worth talking to your doctor about, but I would not worry to much.

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    Stress can make your periods fluctuate.Talk to your doctor if you are worried.

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    you are stressed.. go to the dr about getting on the pill to help regulate your period

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    stress and illness can throw off your has happened to me

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