Help with lyrics?

Ok so wat do u think of these lyrics....they go to the tune of Your Eyes from Rent....its supposed to be a joke so please don't take it serious.....its about my obsession with Mark Cohens!

Your scarves

As you walked on the streets

Can’t get them out of my mind

And those scarves strangled you

With warmness

In the cold Bohemian nights

The night they came into my life

Where there’s Bohemians

I see Marks scarves

Why do you wear them everyday?

As if they are part of your body

Please let me touch your scarves

So I can feel their fluffiness

Yes, so I can feel their fluffiness

When I look at those scarves

Why do I want them so bad?

I wanted them all along

And before they go away

I should tell them I should tell them

I have always loved them

You can see it in my heart



you have no idea the obsession i have with those scarves! Not with the person wearing them....With them in general! its crazy.....

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  • 1 decade ago
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    nice....i like the end......SCARFIE!!!

    seems stalker-ish though. but still nice

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