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Is it okay to be anorexic because I think I'm fat?

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    NO, its is definitely not ok. Becoming anorexic is EXTREMELY harmful to your body because this disorder causes your body to begin eating your muscles and therefore it eats away at your heart, since the heart is a muscle. Besides heart damage, your kidneys will also become damaged and it can also lead to infertility. Also, a very nasty effect is that you can begin to have hair growth all over your body called lenugo since you are elminating so much fat that your body is trying to keep itself insulated with hair. yea, thats UNPLEASANT. So, please DO NOT become anorexic or start with any other unhealthy eating habits. Diet pills are also not a good answer to your problem. The best way to lose weight is to eat healthy and not eat large quantities. Also, exercise is very helpful. Even walking more often every day will help. But too much exercise is also unhealthy!!! Also, a helpful thing is to not eat late at night because then not too many calories are burned before you sleep. Also, drinking more water fills you up more so you won't feel as hungry. Well, i hope this helps you. Good Luck.

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    Nooooo. It's not alright to be anorexic period. The ONLY way to become healthy is to put in the effort (alter your in food choices, not as in eating less/nothing, excercise, etc). Talk with friends and family, and find ways to change certain things in your life that will help you achieve your goal in a SAFE, HEALTHY way. You'll feel more proud and happy when you do reach your goal this way, and there won't be any other health issues to deal with. (when you deprive your body of food, yes you lose weight cuz you're not putting anything into your body; but eventually the systems in your body shut down, and your body becomes more susceptible to disease and illness, and then can't fight it off, etc etc etc). Basically...stay away from proud of who you are ( you ARE the only "you"), and find healthy ways to become "happier".

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    If you say you think you are fat,this implies to me that others may not think you are fat, as you have stated it as 'an opinion' and not 'a fact.' Anorexia is an psychosomatic illness that starts in the mind, and I do not know if you can choose it. For many this illness becomes a death sentence. Please talk to a school councilor or a professional about your feelings. Don't put it off! Anorexia is a serious illness, if you think you have it you need to get help ASAP. If you are not sure if you have it or not, talk to someone about it anyway to see if you do.

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    Might as well be anorexic because health professionals expect you to be a certain weight if you are meant to be that certain weight or not. I use to make fun of heavier people because I did not understand. Until you face this issue one really does not understand it. No you should not try to be anorexic.

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    Whatever you do, don't go so far that you start to have an eating disorder of any kind. When you have those awful thoughts; about you thinking your fat, think about other people who have to deal with anorexia or think of people who have to deal with Obesity. Everyday they are probably three times to five times your size (be thankful). If you want to lose weight lose weight the healthy way: Eat nuts ( amount: Size of your handful) Eat plenty of Fruit/Veg. (Amount: Least: size of you fist / Most: MORE) And of course the Excerise routine...

    I hope this helps you!

  • no if you dont get the nutirtion you need then your body starts to digest your muscle then if it still has nothing to eat ten it gets the organs. it can be deadly. best thing is to eat small frequent meals (this keeps your insulin balanced)& exercise. i am a nurse & have seen this first hand & you dont want your kidneys to fail. i know that it is frustating but just keep with it & it'll come off. you are better off going to your doctor & if you truely need to lose weight & he or she knows that you are considering this they will give you something to help you lose weight, since this cause LESS damage to your body. good luck & be smart about your decision please

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    most definitely NOT!!!! anorexia is never the correct answer, despite your body image. if you feel that you are too heavy, join a gym and get a personal trainer who will help you lose the amount of weight that is healthy for you to lose in the time that is healthy for you to lose it. if you lose too much weight too quickly, you can become ill or develop a number of complicated problems, which are much worse than feeling like you're too fat (believe me!) please dont resort to anorexia, it kills people.

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    do you honestly think that someone out there is going to tell you its ok to be anorexic? go talk to your doctor.

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    What the...!? It is NEVER okay to be anorexic, period.

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    ... what?

    I don't know what you're asking, but don't become anorexic.

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