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Question for people with scuba masks on their avatars?

Why don't you SHOW YOURSELF

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    Yeahhh...I get it. Just like a blond emcee asking an Anonymous donor to introduce himself...

    Well...funny...and since you're in a joking mood...let me just share you my 4-day old original blond joke...

    In a Sky jumping school, all students were readying for their very first jump. Naturally, all were excited and nervous. With their plane aloft at 8,000 ft, the Jump Master made a final reminder:

    So girls and boys, this is it!. Remember what I've been telling you all along...forget your 'Altimeter'...on your descent when you see People on the ground starts to look like Ants, that's the time you open your chute...OK? Everybody nodded.

    A little while later, all 20 students were out of the plane. One by one, their chutes began to pop up like mushrooms over the sky...except for Blond jumper. To the horror of her jump mates and the crowds below, blond jumper chute didn't open and she went free falling to the ground. Thud!!!

    >>>Fast Forward to Heaven's Gate, with St. Peter screening all new comers>>>

    Blond's turn now:

    ST. PETER: So, what are you IN for?

    BLOND: We'll.. I fell from a plane

    ST. PETER: I know, based on your files, you forgot to open your chute?

    BLOND: No, I was all the while focused on the way down

    ST. PETER: Then why did you not open your chute?

    BLOND: I tried, but I guess it was too late

    ST. PETER: Hmmm, that's strange. It also says in your record you're clean of drugs and the chute's not defective...

    BLOND: (adding with conviction)...and I followed the jumpmaster's instruction to the letter

    ST. PETER: (who's about to close the book and call it a day, puzzled, looked at blond), what about the instruction?

    BLOND: open my chute when I see Ants on the ground starts to look like People....


  • behr28
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    1 decade ago

    Thats just a dumb question. We can make the avatars look any way that we want. And NONE of them really look like the real person. Whats the big deal anyway? None of us are showing ourselves without putting an actual picture up.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    maybe its a sign to show that they are very aquatic people, or that they're profesional scuba-ers, or that they like scuba-ing, or they think the pic is funny, and for whomever answered the first question (i dont care enough to go check up said person) my picture looks like me

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    becuz they are ugly? lol


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    maybe they have huge, ugly noses, or are afraid of being RECOGNIZED!!!!

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