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Driving Permit in NJ.?

Im 15 years old. I live in New Jersey and are getting my permit in a few months. I took drivers education during school and passed. My question is in order to practice driving when I turn 16 do I have to take behind the wheel courses?

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    The Graduated Driver Licensing Program

    New Jersey's GDL program has three phases:

    A New Jersey resident who is 16 years of age (but less than 17) may enroll in a behind-the-wheel driver education course with a high school or commercial driving school in order to obtain a student learner's permit.

    When a student is at least 17, has successfully completed the student learner's permit stage, and has a minimum of six months of supervised driving experience, they may obtain a provisional license.

    After you've held a provisional license for one year and you've turned 18, you may receive a basic driver license after passing the road test. A this point, you're a full-fledged driver.

    Note that while you may begin the licensing process by enrolling in a driver education course as early as 16, if you wait until you're 17 you may skip driver education and instead apply for an examination permit by passing the knowledge exam. This permit lets you drive under supervision just like a student learner's permit does, and it costs the same.

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    I don't think so but you do need to be with a driver of x amount of years. Taking a driving course is good not only do they teach you, they also take you the day of the test

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    No, you cannot drive a commercial vehicle with a learner's permit.

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