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Pearls of Perfection?????

There is this new makeup I saw at CVS and it's called "Pearls of Perfection". I was wondering how it worked. I didn't buy it,though. I was going to see if anybody knew about this and if so ,if it;s good,how you use it, and can it be used on oily skin?? I don't know what brand it's from either,sorry.

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    I know that Avon has a similar product and it is pressed powder pearls in matte and iridescent finishes that blend together to naturally enhance any skin tone and add shimmering highlights.

    You could always try Avon's. I like it, especially when I go out to a party. It adds that little something extra. You don't need a lot. AVON offers 100% guarantee. Most retail stores will not let you return products after they have been open. AVON will. Even if you have used it. AVON offers a warm, cool and neutral color choice. I like the neutral it goes well with all my make up colors.

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    I tried it but thought it didn't smooth on very well. It seemed to clog my pores and define my lines. I didn't see one for oily skin.

    Physicians Formula Pearls of Perfection Multi-Colored Face Tint, Bronzer is what I bought.

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