If SSA wont reciprocate for 37 years of forced participation in disability can I stand on a corner with a?

sign asking for Insulin and medical supplies for work preformed

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    yes and you are more than welcome to sleep under the bridge, and your are in-titled to your very own shopping cart.

    I was just in Vietnam, they have no social welfare system. You would just die.

  • 1 decade ago

    What's all this about "can I"? You'll have to do so, the SS funds were spent long ago as general funds. Thank Clinton for that little budget trick. Too bad it's not even a bandaid for our economic issues. We're $54 trillion in the hole thanks to borrow-and-spend "conservatives" and rubber-stamp liberals. The hell with the lot of you, I'm moving off Earth. You kids have screwed it up beyond all possibility of redemption.

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    Do what? What happened you get denied for diabetes?

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