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When does gerbils open their eyes?

and would they have troubles if i put appart males and females in diffrent cages? how many males and females can join the same cage?

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    baby gerbils open their eyes at about 4-5 weeks of age. You can separate males and females if you can tell them apart at the early age, I was not able to tell my male babies from my female babies until they were 8 weeks old. Male gerbils are tricky, if they have been together since birth or they are very young when introduced they should be fine with each other, I would not put two adult male gerbils together, they tend to fight. Females get along fine weather they are older or younger. As to the number of gerbils you can have in a cage, it all depends on the size of the cage. I have my gerbils in a ten gallon fish tank and I have two females together and two males together. I did at one time have a male a female and 6 babies in one cage, until the babies were about 7 weeks old and I was able to find them homes. Gerbils breed worse than rabbits so if you don't want continuous litters of babies, keep your moms and dads separate. Have fun!!!!

    Source(s): owner of lots of gerbils who have had lots of babies!!!
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    gerbils don't really like bright light so if you have a dimmer... turn it down.

    its okay, quite normal, to put male and female in different cages.

    how many male & female in the same cage? as many as you want as long as you are ready for lots of litle girbils!!

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    the open them at night because their those animals who are awake in the night...

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    they are nocturnal.oh...wat does this have to do wit dogs???

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    do not does

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