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Credit Card?

If you were a mom or dad and had a 12 year old daughter. Would u give thm a credit card if they asked for one?? If you would, how much money limit would u put on it?

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    Depends on how spoiled your daughter is. A friend of mine went through the same situation. Her daughter was spoiled so she wouldn't allow her to get one. Basically, if your daughter goes to the mall ALL the time, you should wait. If she's responsible with her money and how she spends it, give her a little freedom. But I would put a limit amount of money on that credit card either way.

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    I don't see the need for a credit card. Is she going to be shopping without me? I don't think so. I think I would ask her to wait until she was 16.

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    Absolutely not.....12 is much too young for a credit card. Open her up a savings account and teach her to save instead of spend!!!!

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    Honestly, no, I'd wait until they were 13, a teenager, and showed me they could be responsible enough to handle one. Then I'd put about $500 on it, and as they got older, keep expanding their limit

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