Which ceremony is being described below?

A knight kneels before a lord, places his hands between the lord's hands, and indicates that he is the lord's man. The lord recognizes the knight as a vassal, raises him to his feet, and kisses him.


a) fief

b) primogeniture

c) vassal

d) homage

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    he's being knighted

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    1 decade ago

    The ritual is swearing his loyalty to the Lord, and he becomes his servant with his sword. That is not Knighthood that is a different ritual. However if you go further you will see the knight puts his sword at the Lords feet.

    www.history.com will show you pics and audio as well. The kiss is the symbol of approval by the Lord for the knights gracious humilty and loyatly.

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    Assuring his lord of his fealty. They used a sword on your shoulders to knight you.

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    homage? I think

  • 1 decade ago

    he is therefore knighted

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