I want to join the USMC.. But I have some questions?

Right now I feel like I'm going nowhere with my life.. I'm stuck in the same sick cycle with my guy I've been with for three years.. I want to be a police officer but I know they'd much rather have someone with a college education *which I can't pay for on my own right now..* I'm finishing up a drug deferred entry of judgement program and after that I'd want to join the Marines.. Would they have a problem with someone who's used before? And not only that.. I've been a cutter too.. I want to serve my country and help those in need, but I don't want those in the USMC to look down upon me..


I'd be sad leaving him, but he's giving me the run around and he's spending time with other women.

The DEJ program is going to expunge this from my record, so I'm really not worried about that part.. I just don't know if they'd trust me because of the past mistakes I've made.

Update 2:

And the 'cutter' thing.. I didn't try to commit suicide.. I was in a real bad place and I had to give myself a reason as to why things were hurting the way they were.. I dunno.. Sounds weird but I don't do it anymore.. I just have scars.

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    O.K. You may not like my answer but you asked the question. I am a Former Marine and now a Officer. The drug thing they may overlook if it was just weed or a one time thing it depends. The cutter thing I do not think they will look past. I think it is great that you want to serve but the Military is not for everyone. Sit down with a recruiter who is a female and be completely honest with her and they will let you now. Good Luck.

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    i'm not real sure on how the marines do their recruiting. i would look up the local recruiting office in the phone book and talk to one of the recruiters about it. they can give you detailed information on their requirements and can give you a better idea of what exactly you could be doing while in the marines. also if the marines do not work out, look into other branches of the military. depending on what you would like to go to school for sometimes if you find a job in that field they will help you pay for your schooling as long as you sign a thing saying that you will work there for a certain amount of time.

    good luck.

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    Go for it; cutting wont hurt anything but the drugs could if you were addicted.

    Small suggestion here, if you want to be a Police Officer. Go to the Air Force as SF (Security Force) or the Navy (Master at Arms) or the Army (Military Police).

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    I think the USMC would give u great training for being a cop, but the only thing is, is would u want to leave your guy friend to join? That is a question u will have to work out with him.

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    I doubt it, The USMC has existed 2 years longer than this nation, as a marine you are to follow orders and you are trained to Kill, its not a sorority, you have to want it. Devil Dogs is not a name they call them selves its the Name the enemy gave them out of fear, in WW1

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    If the charge is expunged after your treatment, then they won't know about it.

    They will only know what you tell them. If you think you're ready I would go for it.

    You can be an MP in the service and have them pay for college to boot.

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    WHEN THEY ASk what type of drug, say none. if you do say, say marijuana only. remember you used it only one time too.

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    They'll take you, don't worry. Good luck to you.

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    great choice. good luck and enjoy.

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