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Answer if you curl your hair with a curling iron?

Help! I have wavy, kind of curly (but not really curly hair) and it falls a little below my shoulder. My hair always looks too dry and frizzy and kind of bed head ish if I just let it dry naturally and it looks too frizzy if I use a diffuser. I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to get the beauty parlor curl look at home with my own hair curler? I keep trying it by myself but it doesn't curl the same way. Does anyone know how I can get those kinds of curls with my hot iron hair curler?

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    hold your hair with your fingers twist it a few times and wrap it around the barrel, instead of using the clamp, it takes a few times to get it down just watch out for your fingers, if your hair is not long enough to wrap two times around the barrel, use a smaller one, use a little light weight hair spray before you wrap it

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    First of all, don't blow dry your hair. It makes it dry and frizzy which explains why it appears that way. I have curly long hair, so i know this from experience. Try to not use alot of products in your hair becasue it wears out your hair and make it look dull and lifeless. Try air drying you hair and then try to curl it. After your done curling your hair, use a little bit of hairspray to hold the style in. try a different hair curler too, if that doesn't work. It may just be the brand of the product that doen't work for your hair. I also suggest that you use a curl enhancing shampoo. Hope this helps!!!

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    Umm, Curls.... positioned Curling Rolls on your Hair whilst Your Asleep. Take Damp Hair, Get A Medium Sized Roll Brush, And BlowDry Your Hair whilst Rolling It. Use A Flat Iron,; even inspite of the shown fact that it Burns Your Hair difficulty-free, that's What I Do And it works, yet Its extra Waves Than Curls,; Take a tub At night, Then positioned Your Hair Up In A extreme Bun whilst it continues to be moist, Then Sleep Like That. the subsequent Morning it somewhat is going to yet extremely Damp even inspite of the shown fact that it Dries extremely speedy. yet Yeah, you have gotten Waves!. i'm hoping I Helped.:]]]]

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    I have that hair too. The key is product. You need a lot of conditioner to smooth your hair, and some sort of product to help it hold the curl and not frizz. I personally like spray gel, but you can use styling creams, mousse, or gel. Finish up with some hair spray to hold the curl. Experiment a little to find the products that work best for you (Suave is a good way to experiment since it's not expensive).

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    eHow :]


    STEP 1: Begin by applying a styling gel, mousse or styling spray to clean, damp hair and blow dry until completely dry. Your curls will form better and last longer with the aid of good quality hair products.

    STEP 2: Clip your hair back in multiple sections. Release one section and brush or comb it to remove any knots or tangles. Spray lightly with a soft-hold hairspray if your hair is very fine and doesn't hold curls well.

    STEP 3: Begin with the undersection of your hair, working your way up to the top. Twist a small section of your hair with your hands for spiral curls, or take a flat, larger section for loose curls.

    STEP 4: Open the curling iron by pressing the lever and insert your hair. Close the curling iron barrel on your hair, making sure that all of the ends of that section are completely enclosed in the barrel.

    STEP 5: Roll the iron up and hold it for about 10 seconds.

    STEP 6: Open the curling iron and release the curls. Proceed with other sections until all areas have been curled.

    STEP 7: Flip your head and shake out the curls, then style your hair with your fingers.

    STEP 8: Spray with a light hold hair spray to keep your curls in place. For humid climates use a humidity resistant hair spray.

    Tips & Warnings

    -Use a skinny wand for tight, spiral curls, and a thick iron for large, loose curls.

    -Keep a hot iron away from your scalp and hairline to avoid burning your skin.

    -Deep-condition your hair once a week if you curl your hair on a regular basis to help guard against hair damage.

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    I have a hair just like yours, but i never have such problems as yours. What i do is let it dry at night and dont let it wet the next day. And maybe you should use one of those Pantene products with conditioner and try to avoid using hair dryers that much, because it makes your hair look so dry and frizzy (just do it for like a week)

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    I don't. Overtime a hair curler ruins your hair making it greasy and rough. Use curlers they're fast to put on and they work really well! Sleep with them over night, not the best way to sleep but it's better than a curling iron!

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    Try to straighten it first then curl it with a curling iron!

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    Use Paul Frieda/Frizees and a little holding Mousse, let it air dry NO HEAT

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    if you use the very thin straightener and curl position you could probably get that parlor look

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