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what kind of high do you get off ecstasy?

i was wondering if its more intense than a weed high or paint fume high just wondering

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    Imagine feeling better than you have ever felt in your entire life... you will first notice effects 30-120 minutes after you have taken the pill and once it hits you it hits you hard and fast. Its an intense Rush physicly and mentally i describe it as being shot out of a cannon or somthing feeling better and better and better untill finally you peak off and things calm down a bit, you are still extreamly happy but most of the rush has stopped... you will remain feeling increadible for about another 2-4 hours untill you slowly come down.

    The 'high' doesnt exactly **** you up like alcohol or weed, your very much still in control of the way you act its just your extreamly happy.

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    Never liked it. Extasy has an initial feeling like LSD. However, there is alot more nerve activity. If you have never tried, I say do it. If not you may always wonder. Most will disagree and say I am supporting drug use, or worse that I am some pusher. Truth is, I believe if curiosity prevails in your life, do it. You will feel better about your experiences in life, if you attempt to live life as an individual, not as the puppet, like most choose to do. I will say truth, you might enjoy it, but be scarce with those scenes. It will have adverse affects if taken too often. If you are easily saddened by your life, or if you are not comfortable with your placement in life, do not do it. It could steer you into a world of untenable roads leading toward certain disaster.

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    I read somewhere a good description of E.

    It is a sudden rush: you feel much lighter at once, almost effervescent...mentally, it is like putting on a pair of glasses that let you see everything "clearer" and you feel wise and almighty, but you don`t need to judge others.

    Nevertheless, this is only true for the first time(s), as time goes by, you get used to it and it this feeling of perfection disappears and that is why some people end up as addicts, vainly attempting to achieve the feeling that they had on their first time.

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    It really depends on your mood. The are "good vibes" and "bad vibes" in ecstasy.

    The "good vibes" is, your mind will be relaxed and you skin is very, very, very sensitive to touch. People say you will get horny, but it's not true. Why? You penis will not get hard, seriously!

    The "bad vibes" is, you may get paranoid, you will lose cell in your brain that will take 7 years to recover and you keep on grinding you teeth. That's why you need a gum, and if you have an vicks inhaler, it will increase the highess of ecstasy.

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    1 decade ago

    You ate messing with some Dangerous Stuff like Paint fumes-actually kills brain cells and can real suddenly cause brain stroke and Ectasy can cause heart attacks,strokes,making you very susceptible to being harmed . If I were you I'd lay off all the weird stuff.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    i don't basically like the alcohol!!! I even have anger themes while dabbling interior the juice!! i'm getting the mentality...i'd desire to whoop Mr. Miyagi's ***! i like to be a tad bit comfortable those days. it somewhat is extra helpful on the physique!

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    None. Because I'm smart and don't take it.

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    Short answer... much, much, much more intense.

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