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I am a girl with thinning hair and I want to know what people think of regaine for women?

Are there any other products or ways that I can help to stop my hair from going and to help it to regrow, tablets, diet, hair treatments, etc. Please let me know, thanks

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    rogaine has been proven to work in the crown i've been told. instead get a specialty shampoo from a salon that is for hair loss. nioxin is a good company, nexxux has biotin shampoo for hair loss.on the internet look at all the different types of products has--they are all good--nioxin even has vitamins to strengthen hair. you can get a more intense conditioner put on your hair in a salon.. heat opens the hair to make the conditioner penetrate deeper-keep hair wet-use a shower cap, steam can make the conditioner go deeper

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  • I had used that hair growing product a few times, now seeing that it did work, Not only do I have a head full of lush wonderful hair, but also on the back of my neck down towards the middle of my back! I go to the salon to get it waxed.

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    Your diet has alllot to do with the health of your hair. make sure you are taking a complete vitamin and you may want to try the hair products called Nioxin, its for thinning hair

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  • Lydia
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    1 decade ago

    What you need to investigate first is the reason for it happening. You can get better help once the cause is identified. Get to a dr.

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