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Whats the worst injury you ever had?

Mine was tearing my whole right knee cartilage!!! I landed badly after a flying layup and couldnt even stand...had surgery and its been six months but the knee still feels loose cant play basketball...sigh...

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    Car accident causing concussion, fractured orbit and 63 stitches in face and ear.

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    During a long game of field hockey, I went to block an attacker from getting the ball into the goal, and as I stepped forward, the attacker locked his kneecap with my kneecap, and we both crashed to the floor. When I fell, I landed oddly on the ground, and boy, that sure as hell made a loud thump. For a moment I was too dazed to really think about getting up, but when I did try to get up, I just suddenly felt this white-hot pain shoot through my back, and I'm pretty sure I yelped or screamed or something. I'm not sure but I think I might have passed out, but when I came to, I was lying flat on the ground and I couldn't feel my right leg. It turned out I'd seriously torn a nerve cluster in my back, and I had some slipped disks for some reason or other. I wouldn't call it life-threatening, but it is the most painful thing I have ever felt in my short, 22 year long life. It took me around eight months to recover from all the pain in my back.

    Sheesh. Long story.

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    I broke my leg when I was little. I was snow-sledding on an inner-tube and I went over a bump and bounced off and I landed in the wrong way. I was about 9 when it happened. I still have a scar from where the bone broke through the skin!!

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    Crushed both feet,messed up my ankles,knees,hips and back in a fall of off a two story Building.I just got out of therapy after a year and a week.Had to learn to walk all over and now walk with a cane because of balance problems.

    Source(s): Didn't kill me so it's all good so my banker tells me....
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  • Marie
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    Spinal fusion due to an auto accident. Arthritis has set in and it still hurts but not like it did before the surgery. I had a titanium plate screwed into my spine and also cadaver bone. When I think I have dead person's bone in my neck it makes me a little freaked out but I am thankful to this person who donated it! I hope to do the same thing one day.

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    As a toddler I was run over by a car.

    Two wheels went over my torso/chest.

    Busted ribs, punctured lung, lacerated eyelid, lots of scrapes and abrasions and bruising. Air outside my lungs, fluid inside them....

    I'm lucky to be alive to tell about it.

    Still have post-traumatic reactions.

    (Dam*ed drunk driver.)

    And once while carrying a small child, I slipped on black ice.

    Instinct kept me from falling forward and breaking the fall with my arms, which would have endangered the child. Instead, I landed on my azz with my legs straight out in front, and the child safely in my arms. I paid for that one with a cracked tailbone, which arthritis settled into. It hurt to sit for very long, for about three years. It was five and a half years before I could ride a bike again.

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    I went through the windshield of a 1941 ford pickup and over a 20 foot bank and broke my back and got my hip out of socket it took me 3 month,s before I could walk with crutches and about 3 more before I could walk without them and about a year before I quit limping I don't want to do that again.

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    I was hit by a car when I was 6 years old while trying to cross the street. My left femur (thigh bone) was fractured and I had to spend a few weeks in a pediatric hospital because the docs were concerned that I had head injuries. The person that hit me spent time in jail because she was high on heroin.

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    it would have to be when i went to my cousins football game and when we were leaving if fell and cut my arm on the bottom of the fence and my arm was split open and when we got home my mom was trying to clean it but i was crying so my dad said for her to just leave it and that night my arm was very hot and it was pussing and sowlen so the next day my mom took me to the hospital and my mom had to go to work and my dad came to stay with me in the hospital and all my family came to visit me and my uncle bought me some grapes and a get well soon card and my auntie came on her motorcycle and stayed with me while my dad went to work and we watched the movie called cool runnings and when i wanted something all i had to do was press this button and the nurse would bring me icecream or whatever i wanted

    but that was almost 6 years ago when i was 8

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    I hit the ground at 70 mph without my dirtbike once.

    Broke bones tore muslces and pinched nerves all over the place.

    was laid up for three months sleeping sitting straight up on the couch. I looked like a bad sausage link from the swelling and bruising. It was so bad that my ex ole lady cried looking at it.

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