What would you do in this situation?

You go to the beach and buy your son/daughter an ice cream cone and you buy yourself one and then you both sit down in the sand to enjoy it. Then when your son/daughter finishes his/her cone, they throw sand on your cone. lol They are laughing about the sand in your ice cream too. lol

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    If it were a toddler, I'd take it in stride - sometimes the best reaction is no reaction. And I wouldn't encourage the game. You don't want them to think that by doing that they are going to start something fun. Next thing you know sand will be in eyes, strangers food, etc.

    If it were my preschooler, I'd act sad, but not punish. She is old enough to learn cause-effect. I'd tell her to please not do that.

    If it were my grade schooler, there would be a consequence. There is an age when that cheeky behavior just isn't funny any more.

    At the end of it all, I'd soon engage him in some other appropriate but silly game as that is what they want from you - no matter the age.

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    I would explain that it's not nice to throw sand, no matter the situation, at a person, on an ice cream cone, etc. That is if it was done purposefully, if it was on accident laugh about it.

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    You've raised a mean son/daughter. Next time it's ice cream time, I wouldn't buy any. Let them know that you're not wasting your money on ice cream so they can put sand in it. Let hell freeze over before you purchase ice cream again, and only after a long discussion about expectations for eating ice cream. See if that's as funny.

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    How funny...I have to tell you that this happened to me this past summer...What is it with these kids? I don't know if I handled it well or not; but I smashed the cone into my daughters face and then asked her if she thought that was funny?

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    i would just laugh along and get a new ice cream cone!

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    they amy have thought it was funny, but you need to talk at there level and say very simply thats not nice and would like it if that was your ice cream, and plaese dont do it again or we wont have icecreams next time we come to the beach

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    Unless you want to raise a brat, you can't let him get away with it. I can't believe all these people that said "Laugh along with him." That's crazy!! That will only reinforce his bad behavior and he'll do it again.

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    well, depends on if you are a fun parent, or a strict one. I would yell and throw a fit. But I am a strict parent, and I am pregnant, so it would piss me off. But if it was funny, then i would laugh. it just depends on the situation i guess.

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    Explain the situation to your child. Let him or her know that it is not okay to throw things on someone's food. Its rude and disrespectful.

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