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What does it mean in a legal description when it states conveying 1/2 interest of following described....?

What does the 1/2 interest mean?

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    A conveyance is a document effecting a property transfer, or a generic term for any written document which transfers (conveys) real estate property or real property interests from one party to another. A conveyance must be acknowledged before a notary (or if a court judgment be certified as the same as the document on file) and recorded with the County Recorder or Recorder of Deeds.

    The 1/2 interest means the rights that one individual has in land(s) or goods to the exclusion of all others; groups of individuals may own property, with ownership rights shared collectively. An "undivided" one-half interest is explained:

    Source(s): Real Estate Terms information about property Dictionary of Real Estate Terms. Copyright © 2004 by Barron's Educational Series, Inc. All rights reserved.
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