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Sometimes emailed pictures don't come-out.?

yeah, just a blank white square with a tiny broke-picture diagram in the upper left corner. REFRESH doesn't help, nor does close'n and reopening. What gives??

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    set your bowser to allow automatic download of pictures. if its outlook it will be in settings. if that doesnt work make sure you have current vers of everything, if not that could just be the file

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    This is often caused if the picture attachment is not being recognised by the software on your PC.

    Check to see what type of attachment the picture is, and then right click the attachment and go to open with: and find the program with which to open it with.

    Once you know the file extension, you can Google it and find out what the program is that will open it.

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    In Yahoo Mail, click Options,General Preferences.

    Scroll down, If there is a checkmark in the box to "block HTML pictures," click it to clear.

    Ask the sender to send in jpg format. Universally acceptable.

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    If it is when your sending email, you may need to change the outgoing port.

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