14 year old dating a 19 year old?

Ok say me a 14 year old was to date a 19 year old what are the age like resrictions and stuff.Feel free for open disscusion.

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    There's no law against the two of them dating. There are laws against anything remotely sexual occurring between them. But they can go out and enjoy themselves together in other ways that aren't sexual.

    People are such morons, jumping to the conclusion that that you're having sex with him. You didn't say anything about that. You asked about dating and the restrictions. What jerks.

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    1 decade ago

    You can make goo goo eyes at each other over an ice cream soda (2 straws) at the mall.

    Anything hot 'n pervy is off limits until you reach your jurisdiction's age of consent (varies from state to state) The 19 year old risks huge legal penalties should the law be broken.

    My question is, with all respect...what kind of arrested development does a 19 year old have to be dating a 14 year old? Y'all shouldn't have near enough in common.

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    i have no idea what a 19 year old would want with a 14 year old. the difference in maturity levels is huge. and what's wrong with the 19 year old that they can't find someone their own age? not to mention the fact that if they/you were to do anything sexual at all, the 19 year old would go to jail and possibly prison.

  • sglmom
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    1 decade ago

    Honey, please be a child a while longer ... and do not go out and date. You are very young, and this would be a serious mistake ...

    Concentrate on your schooling, your afterschool activities, and fun things ... just having friends. Think about what you want to be in the future .. what career you want to have. Ask for a Mentor to help you with exploring different careers ... and do your homework, enjoy 4-H or Scouts .. anything BUT dating.

    when a 19 yr old asks someone that young for a date ... I am very sorry to say this .. but they are PREDATORY in nature and not looking to respect you ....

    Source(s): I am against 14 year olds on a 'couples' date -- that is just a disaster in the making (and the 19 yr old -- I am very suspicious about his actions anyway -- seems to be awfully predatory). PLEASE take your time and be a child for a little while more ... for you will appreciate that most when you become an adult in the legal sense. (Long Life of an Empty-Nesting Single Retiree .. who was a Long-Term single Parent, and yes, I dealt with the issue of teenagers dating with my own two children ... there is no way that I was going to have either of my children in any 'couples' date at age 14 -- and even at 16. They needed to be allowed to be children for a little bit more .. and not pair off and get into trouble. The worry hear for ANY parent would be ... Predatory behavior and pregnancy (and that would be sincerly a horror to go through pregnancy at such a very young age). PLEASE DO NOT do this for your own sake. So much better for a young female to concentrate on her studies and prepare to be a responsible adult than to have to deal with a possible pregnancy at such a young age.
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  • 1 decade ago

    R u a Girl! I'm assuming that you are, if you are you shouldn't date a man that old, cuz he's going to want to be intimate and that is not good for you, You should be focusing on something else, that relationship doesn't sound too positive, If you want to date a boy i would say may be a 16 or 17 year old, Top's!!

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    It is illegal in most states. Plus, as mature as the 14 year old may be, there is still a massive difference between those 2 ages. People change SO SO much through their teens. Better to stick to your own age group until you get up into your late 20's, I'd say.

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    The 19 yo could get into a lot of trouble if you two ever did anything sexual. The minor (14) can even be willing but any adult can call the police on the 19 yo. They can even get in trouble for having you alone in their care if it can be shown that they intended to try to have a sexual relation.

    Better wait until you are older or stick with people your own age to date.

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    Not only is it illegal, but I wouldn't think you would have very much in common with a 19 year old! You might think you do but when that 19 year old turns 21 and wants to go bar hopping where will you be? I don't think your friends will mesh well either! Not a good idea in my opinion! Denise

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    Not a good idea, and the 19 year old could face some legal problems by doing so.

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    Depends on the state, thats the most honest answer. Most states, in order to have sexual contact you must be of the age of consent which is usually 16, and then added to that there is sometimes a limit in the difference of age.

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