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How far is Hong Kong located from Beijing or Shangmai. Is it an island like Manhattan.?

Is it crazy to want to find a vacation tour that would include Beijing, Shangmai and Hong Kong. Im in the USA. Since it takes forever to get there I'd want to see those three major cities.

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    LOL, this is like trying to tour New York, Boston and LA all in one go for a Chinese tourist.

    Hong Kong to Beijin is about a 6 hour flight with Shanghai just about in the middle. Train from HK to Shanghai is a day, Shanghai to Beijin is also about a day.

    "Hong Kong SAR" is a Special Administrative Area in China on the map. It's inclusive of Kowloon and New Territories which is connected to mainland China, plus Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island and many out laying islands. The locals refer to the Hong Kong Island as "Hong Kong" for short during daily conversations and that confuses many foreigners.

    If you are going to visit all 3 cities in one go, a whirlwind tour will require about 12 days, although 3 weeks is a better average depending on your personal requirements and budget.

    See the links below for more info.

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    You meant Shanghai? If so. It's great. These 3 cities are

    definitely the must-see cities.

    You best bet is to locate a Chinese travel agent. Because of the volume of business , they can get you the cheapest rate for tour just as a Chinese would get.

    The best route is to go to Hong Kong, Beijing and then Shanghai.

    Hong Kong - tourist friendly a lot of westerner/foreigner in general

    easy to travel; easy entry into China more flights

    going in and out to the rest of the world. thus


    Beijing - a lot history, culture and very Chinese; Peking Duck?

    need I say more ...

    Shanghai - incredibly cosmopolitan, the financial capital and

    again because the business travelers easy in/out

    better airfare. But if you going in from here, the route

    kinda does flow - check out the map.

    If you can, make a short 3 hour trip from Shanghai to Su-Hong

    West Lake is the most beautiful lake praise even by the Chinese Emperor.

    For more information:

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