Is there a phone line connected to your computer with DSL?

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    The DSL modem connects to the phone line, but the high speed internet is connected to your computer through an ethernet cable between the DSL modem and your computer's Ethernet port. This is an 8 pin jack that looks similar to a phone jack, but much wider.

    If you use the phone line into your computer also, that would be as a backup, so you could return to using dial-up in case the DSL service were interrupted for any reason. But you could use the phone line to send out FAXes too. But you do not need to connect the phone line to your computer.

    The so-called DSL signal is a high frequeny that you cannot hear when you are using the telephone. The DSL signal is present at all times, even when you are not using the phone. When you are on-line with the DSL service, it does not matter if you are using the phone, as the signal does not interfere with your voice conversation, and the voice conversation does not interfere with the DSL signal

    Be sure to follow the simply instructions when installing the DSL modem. It comes with filters, so that hand-set devices do not cause a problem with the DSL signal. You see, many phones use a voice coil that can dampen the DSL signal, but this DSL filter prevents that.

    Good luck and Happy Computing!

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    You get all these things that come with your packet. THe phone line is connected to the modem provided by yoru internet company, and an Enternet cable is connected to the back of your PC.

    DSL modem or router (depends on the service you order)

    These devices connect your computer to the Internet using DSL.

    DSL blockers

    Also called In-line filters and micro-filters. This device plugs into the telephone jack and is used to separate your voice signal from the DSL signal on the same line.


    The Y-adapter is a device that is plugged into a telephone jack. This allows telephone equipment and the DSL line to run through the same jack.

    Telephone Cable

    This cable connects the DSL modem or router to the jack.

    Ethernet Cable

    This is the cable that connects your computer to your DSL modem or router.

    Instructions and Troubleshooting Guide

    These documents will walk you through the entire installation process, and help you solve any problems that might come up along the way.

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    DSL is runs through your phone line. When you use the phone, only a small percent of the wires are used. DSL uses the wires your phone doesn't.

    To get the DSL connection from your phone line, you connect a phone line to a DSL router. This gets the DSL out of the phone line. Then, you connect your computer to the router with a CAT5 Ethernet cable or a USB cord.

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    Usually DSL has a modem. The phone line is attached to a modem, and than you can connect wirelessly if the modem and your computer has these options. otherwise, there will be an ethernet cable that will go from the modem to your computer

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    no. a phone line is conected to the dsl modem and the modem is connected to the computer in most cases. there are some internal dsl modems tho

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    no, the phone line is hooked up to an external DSL modem that uses unused frequencies over your voice line. You then interface with that modem with either a rj45 wire or sometimes a usb wire.

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    The phone line connects to the modem.

    The modem then connects to the PC via ethernet or USB or WiFi or ...


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    the phone line runs into a modem before it goes to your computer

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    yes. Broadband uses a cable modem

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    not if your wireless like i am

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