If you have the perfect life why do you always want to have more?

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    That's a tricky question. On one hand, wanting more is growth. You cannot really grow without new experiences. On the other hand, it's our culture and society. We are always looking for newer, better,more. It's really a poisonous way of thinking, because then you are never satisfied and you don't truly enjoy any moment. Good question.

  • Nuseed
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    Because there is NO such thing as perfection. Which is why it is very possible for people to "think" others have a perfect like, when in fact the opposite is true. Perfection is a concept. Something that can only be obtained when an individual draws a perfect picture of what having a perfect life looks like and does everything in their power to mold their life so it looks like their "idea" of perfection. It is not possible for someone to gauge another's perfection.

  • Because our life was not ment for us alone. We are made ultimately to bring Glory to God and bring others to know Jesus Christ. Because we are still in this flesh body there is other influences, such as for one commercials. Commercials at there very essence are made for you to want that product. They make you want to feel if you don't get that thing then your life is not complete. Another is of spiritual which is Satan and his demons. He wants us to go other places than God to try to get fullfillment in certain things that God can only fullfill. But then there are things that only God can do and satisfaction that only other human companions can give us like certain love in friendship, a hug, a smile. We are mutifaceted beings. One part is spirit, one part is flesh and then there is the part of us that is our emotions and feelings and our thoughts and personality.

    There is not one answer, but the one who made us made the instruction book for us. It is called The Bible. 66 love letters, telling who God is and what he did for us and what he wants us to do in response to that. The Old Testament points the way to Jesus Coming and New Testament shows us what he did and what we are to do in all situations it has an answer. Perhaps not always directly, but through actions and words of the others before us it shows what we should do.

    Source(s): www.wayofthemaster.com www.goodpersontest.com
  • Bunz
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    Because people become bored. When they get the things they want, those things get old and boring and then they want something more something new! Just like a video game for example. Once you beat it, it usually becomes boring to play after that. Even though it was a game you really enjoyed playing.

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    if they are mature and not self-absorbed, they value every moment that life brings happiness, they know it's rare and shld be cherished, nurtured, valued and respected. life is very long with many challenges, don't take happiness for granted.

    if they want more, it isn't perfect and its time to move on. worst case is selfish and unable to appreciate the good.

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    YEs... I think that's just the nature of human.. never had enough of something.. n there will no 'perfect' word in human dictionary..

  • 1 decade ago

    If it actually was perfect, or any where near, I would not want more, I would be very content.

  • 1 decade ago

    Read "Ethic to Nikomako" (Book I, Chapter 1). Aristotle

  • i guess no one can ever have a perfect life. when you have anything and everything you strived for its not interesting;there is no challenge anymore.

  • 1 decade ago

    the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence

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