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Iraqi Americans Celebrating In Michigan?

They sure are. They're celebrating Saddam's execution. Many had relatives who were killed by Saddam's regime. Good riddance to the psycho!

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    yes, I too have an iraqi female neighbour here in Canada..she can't stand the man and waves him off like he was a fly in the air.good riddance saddam ! he's not popular here thats for sure!!

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    be careful of media spin.

    there will be some celebrating - and some will be angry, too.

    the media shows what it wants you to believe.

    remember how Saddam was shown in his underpants pictures? many muslims were angry about that, and some of the angry were no friend of Saddam's.

    I aggree he is/was a Psycho. Too many like him...

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    All I can say is put it on Pay Per View! We could recoup the costs of the war in one fell swoop and have some left over for Iraq to rebuild their country!

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    You wanna hear the sad part about it?

    Far right, ignorant, macho, armchair warriors will continue to stereotype all arabs (including Iraqis) as terrorist supporters and Saddam Hussein loyalists even though most never even liked him along with most middle east tyrants. Isn't it great? (sarcasm/on)

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    Say that on your death bed little girl.

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