do you really think NAFTA is helping the us or hurting?

if you could see some videos about the way they treat the people, and what they have to do to get the jobs they do and what they have to go through . it is stuff you wouldn't won't your worst friend to go through i have a video that a man was shooting about this subject and he got some of the tapes out before he was killed down south of the border and the t.v won't show them but will show the ones that are doctored up. Did you know that a 20.00 shirt at walmart cost only about 17 to 20 cents to be maded by some little girl ages 13 to 16 years of age after that they are no longer able to be employed their because they are no longer as fast as the younger girls and they are locked in at work and if they don't finish their work they have to take it home to do it orstay after with no pay till they get it done .forced to take birth control and if they become pregnet to keep their job they make them abort the babe right at work ... there is so much more would you won't your kids diong that

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    both it has some good points and some bad points

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    Ross Perot was right about that giant sucking sound.

    We are losing jobs like crazy. I thought losing manufacturing was bad, but then even the telemarketers and call center people are from far away lands.

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