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Women... How does a guy make a good first impression with you?

Please give all the details :)

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    Be really really hot

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    Introduce yourself. When i say "yourself" I mean what you are really like inside, not how much money you have and what kind of car you've got. Second say something witty or funny. a girl's gotta laugh. Then try to find something you might have in common with us. Talk about books or even football whatever floats your boat, just make it interesting. Finally show a little chivalry, or manners. OPEN A DOOR OR TAKE A LADY'S COAT FOR HER, that is if you go on a date.

    Smell nice not overpowering

    don't smirk, smile

    say excuse me when you yawn or sneeze

    Just be yourself.

  • Don't try so hard. Be yourself. Act naturally. Don't try to dominate the conversation. Don't constantly display your vast knowledge of every topic in the universe, especially if your knowledge isn't that vast. If you ask her to explain something, listen to the explanation.

    Here's a big one: Don't make it up. If you lie about it and she's impressed, you'll have to remember the lie for the rest of eternity because she will never forget it. If things get serious later, she'll probably mention it to your mother or your best friend. After that, she'll never forget how your lie made her look like a big ol' idiot.

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    A man can make a good first impression with me by being himself. Men, don't try to be someone you aren't...remember everything comes to light sooner or later. So if you are married; be up front, if you have kids; say so, if you are a janotor;be that. Don't lie, you may have to remember it again later.

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    Make eye contact. Show interest in what the lady is talking about. Don't change the subject to sports or automobiles. Don't complain about your ex or your job or life in general. Don't gossip about others. Have an upbeat subject to discuss and find something in common to laugh about. Laughter is the best bonding matter in the universe.

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    make her fell like you are interested in what she is saying or really be interesting and tell her its not the first time you know a girl and like her from he first date but when you first saw her and you could be able to smell her tow mils away or you could take the easy way and walk straight to her and say i like you and kiss her so deep. she will be yours for ever (that's how i meat my boyfriend)

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    1. he shows up

    2. has teeth (that don't look like they have dirt and oak leaves between them because of his tobacco habit)

    3. doesn't smell like a hog farm

    4. is not taking us to McDonalds

    5. is not wearing a greasy racing cap

    6. is not wearing clothing he got from a cigarette carton (ie: the fashionable camel tee)

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    It depends on the girl, I like it when a guy doesnt show off and isnt all over me, but some of my friends...

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    Hmmm *strokes chin thoughtfully*


    -Smells good ---> but not, you know, reaking.

    -Eye contact tis important.--->but don't act like the freaky Burger King man.

    -Breath is neutral/minty/artic blasty.

    -Teeth are clean.

    -Good gentlemen manners.

    -Positive attitude.

    -Confident, but not arrogant.

    -Shares things about himself but also shows interest/curiousity in what I have to say.

    As the genie from Disney's Aladdin said: "Remember to beeeee yourself."

    Do you. :)

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    Be a gentleman and show her that you respect her. Also, treat her as if you think she is important to you. After that, just be yourself so she can see what kind of man you are.

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    Smile, show interest in something she is doing or saying. When you talk to her, look at her eyes. Refrain from saying things like "nice hooters"

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