I get horrible cramps during my period, which lasts 6 or 7 days, is this normal?

I feel like hell, It's horrible, and the pain lasts for 3 days, I don't want to eat, I can't sleep, I am obviously very unconfortable. I take advil or some strong pills because nothing works on me, I have to take 2 pills of whatever I take, I don't remember the name right now...

I just want to know if this is normal and if there is a way to prevent the cramps form happening???


My periods are regular...

Oh and yes I've heard that sexual intercourse may help, but I'm 17, and I'm not ready to have sex yet

Update 2:

Well Like a month ago I went to my first gyno consult, and she gave me the choice to try and star on birth control, but my dad and my mom don't want me to because they say I could get worst/ better on my acne (I have but not much, I'm almost cured) and I could get fat (I can't because I'm going to start modeling on January)

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    Very painful cramps are not normal. I have suffered with that too for 5 years now, along with similar symptoms as yours(didn't want to eat, couldn't sleep). It was caused by many ovarian cysts that were growing big and then rupturing. You could have Endometriosis. Birth control may help you. Not all birth control pills worsen acne or cause you to gain weight. There are certain prescription pain medications that your doctor can prescribe you. I take Tramadol myself and it works wonders. Heating pads can helps. The electrical plug-in kind and the Thermacare heating pads that you apply to your lower abdominal area where it hurts. You really should talk to your doctor about the horrible cramps. He or she may be able to help you find a solution to this and hopefully a cause.

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    Everyone's period is a little different. Anything between 5-7 days is considered a normal period. Also, cramps can be very painful. Try drinking a lot of water regularly , and walking. Sitting around causes cramps to be worse because it causes the blood to clot more. However, depending on the pain, it might not be a bad idea to speak w/ your dr. about this as there are some illnesses such as indometriosis which also cause very bad cramps. I hope this helps. God Bless.

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    Go to your doctor and get birth control prescribed. There are some pills where you would only get four periods a year. Some women find that cramps are less intense after taking birth control pills. Your doctor will also be able to test and rule out anything serious.

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    I get it too and from what I heard, it's normal, just what you feel because of the process. I don't take any pills aside from Advil to relieve me from pain. Someone told me since the pain is normal, I am not supposed to take anything but I couldn't stand it.

    I also eat more chocolate and drink hot chocolate more every day, it does help especially for the first three days. I also use warm bath and warm shower, just to avoid cold feet that will increase the pain.

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    hmm i used to get horrible cramps the first day or so and i used to put a heating pad where it was hurting the most and take some ibuprofen and it worked. than i start on birth control and i never get cramps.

    Someone also told me that if you take Calcium regularly then during your period u wont get cramps. but u have to let it build up in your system

    just some suggestions..hope they work for you

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    I had the same problem for years! The best things I found to help me were to use a heating pad, take midol, make sure your diet is real good in fiber (I don't know how this helps but when my bowel movements were better it seemed the pain would lessen), don't wear tight clothing around your stomach during this time, and during the day do your best to keep up your normal exercise and activities. Hang in there and good luck.

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    This is normal.I usually have a period that lasts anywhere between 6 to 7 days.I have horrible cramps as well.It is hard for me to walk.It takes me an hour longer to fall asleep.So I know how you feel.Except my cramps last from a day before my period to the day after my period.

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    It is common! My best friend has always had horrible cramps which worsened in the past year. She spoke with her doctor and he prescribed her darvocet for the cramps. You may also have something serious like a cyst. You should see a doctor to discuss it!

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    It's totally normal.

    You can put a bottle of warm water where your cramps are. It's okay if you get horrible cramps, periods are all different in many ways.

    However, you get irregular periods, check with a doctor immediately.

    Source(s): Seventeen magazine.
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    I get really bad cramps also. It really helps if I take the painkillers before I start to feel the pain.

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