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Do you like my dream?

Well, as you know India is really poor and it is where my parents came from. I went to India and found out that many animals and people can't even afford a drink of water. My dream is to go there and help out. I couldn't bare to see so many kids and adults begging even though I'm not out of High School.


Is it a good dream?

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    Don't go away!

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    You have a good heart and keep it this way. Remember there's so many other's just like you who also wanted to help out and failed. I guess a very little bit helps, it's better than doing nothing at all. I suggest help out where you can, it will encourage others to do the same.

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    That is very noble and amazing...its good to see people thinking that way.....go make the world a better place for those who are too content with themselves to care....

  • Yes, actually that is good. Set your expatiations low at first for a solid base, them move step by step. Good Luck.

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    Yes it is a good dream. It's so sad how some people have to live in this world.


  • You're a sweet dude. That's a wonderful dream.

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    Yeah very optomistic human being. Congrats

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    Yes it sounds kewlllllllllllll. But, i would help out ur fellow Americans first! After all.........

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    It's admirable... Good luck in achieving it....

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    yeah its cool but is it possible?

    if ya try hard you can do it

    you inspire me

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