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For reasons I can't comprehend, I feel respectful to Saddam Hussein... why?

I feel that upon his last breath, that man, who has killed so many without regard to their lives, deserves at least a little respect as he dies. Is it wrong to feel compassion for a condemned man like Saddam? I feel he deserves death, but still... shouldn't every human being get at least a fraction of respect at their death?

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    Feeling mercy, compassion and respect is never wrong, and it's shaming the amount of pleasure the American public seems to be getting from this execution.

    You are the bigger person. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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    He made a deal with the devil when he was assassinating all of his own people and that is why is is not sad to me ! Think of all the people whose lives he took ! He wanted to destroy and this is the price he pays for being pure evil !Respectful is the wrong word to use when you ever talk about that monster!

    He and Satan will finally be reunited in HELL !

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    No it makes you human. To have compassion for someone who has none is a respectable quality. Just remember he has done a lot of evil things and in the end we all have to pay for our actions.

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    You're dazed and confused. Please let me show you:

    1 - Saddam deserves respect.

    2 - Saddam is worth of compassion.

    3 - Saddam deserves death.

    I'd like to suggest that a person worthy of respect is not a person worthy of execution. You're failing the logical consistency test although that's not particularly surprising as you yourself claim to be dainbramaged.

    Best of luck, Binky - you're gonna need it!

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    Oh, geez.

    There are many people who love and respect him and will consider him to be a saint. Luckily, most of those people are either in jail or are in the Middle East.

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    To be compassionate would be a good thing. But that doesn't mean he deserves something so powerful as respect.

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    Yes I agree. My dad yelled at me for saying as much . I kinda feel bad. I know it sounds crazy. I just hate to think of anyone being put to death. Maybe it's cause we are

    I don't know but I do feel the same way.

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    That is exactly what my mom said!!!!!!!

    I feel that too but I can not do anything!

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