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Curtis Digital Camera Question...?

I got a Curtis digital camera for christmas, and I went to load the disk onto my computer so I can put my pictures on there, and it asked for a serial number, and I put the number I found on the bottom of the camera, but it says that it not a valid serial number, and I cannot find another number anywhere. I do not have the package anymore. If anyone has an idea as to find the number, i'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Um... the serial number it is asking is not of the camera (hardware), but of the software. It should have been there somewhere inside the packaging (most probably in the users manual or on back of the cover of the CD itself). In case you lost it, there's no other way to install it other than to go and search for the serial number on the internet, (which is illegal, actually. But since you genuinely purchased and own that software along with the camera, it is quite okay.)

    Otherwise, just try connecting the camera to the PC directly without installing the CD. If it is Windows XP, then chances are that it might automatically detect the storage subsystem of the camera as a removable drive, which will be visible in 'My Computer' as long as the camera is connected, turned on, and set to the 'review' (or view pictures) mode.

    If this is not the case, let me know the exact name and version number of the software you are trying to install. I'll try my best to look up on the net and find a serial number for you.

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    I never heard any thing like this. Does the camera use a memory card? if so, use a card reader for that particular memory type..

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