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Saddam Hussein..........??

i heard that Saddam is due to be hanged today....whats your feelings on the subject???

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    People could be heard cheering outside the base walls here in Mosul, Iraq and we all cheered too! It's too bad they couldn't feed him to the alligators they used to keep in a pit at the Palace at Victory. He and his cronies used to throw deflowered girls (useless after losing virginity) to them and also other unfortunate souls who spit on the sidewalks. They have built a church there so it no longer exists. Hanging was way too civilized for this piece of ****.

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    I can't say that I fully support capital punishment. I certainly wouldn't want to be the person responsible for killing another human being. I believe the loss of a human life, no matter how wretched it is, is a loss to society.

    Certainly not everyone can be (or wants to be) rehabilitated, but when we must kill one of our own, society at large should feel a sense of loss & failure in our systems.

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    I don't think killing him is the right answer. First of all I don't believe in capital punishment. It's too much like playing god.

    Second off, by doing so the potential for him to be seen as a martyr increases. If he is left to rot in prision he won't become mythic, he will be seen as the sad old man he will become.

  • Joe S
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    As the Iron Maiden song goes "Hang 'em high"!

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    Good Riddance to another potential anti-Christ!

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    Da doo doo doo - da da da da - that's all I have to say to you.

    (You are in the music category).

  • I feel this question has nothing to do with music.

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    is so good

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