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How do we deal with letting our young teenagers drive?

My son got is drivers liscence exactly one month ago. I have let him use the car on occasion but when I do, I am a nervous wreck the whole time he is out. He has the car tonight and I can't relax. What did you do when your teens started to drive, were you the same like me? How did you relax?

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    Well, I started driving almost a year ago. I once asked my dad if he was ever nervous and he said yes. He told me that he worries more about the OTHER people on the road than me because he knows I've learned right and with all of the car time while I had my permit, he knows I can drive fine. He says he is just now starting to realize that everything will be okay.

    Here's some things my dad did to help me AND him feel more safe about me being on the roads alone:

    In my wallet/purse:

    - a list of instructions on what to do in case of a minor accident, for example, exchanging insurance information, calling the police, etc.

    - cell phone, comes in handy for stalls, if you get lost, etc.

    - if not a cell phone, then a calling card

    In the car/trunk/glove box:

    - tools needed for changing a flat tire

    - those emergency stand thingys that you put up around your car if you stall so people can see you at night

    - flashlight

    - extra batteries

    - first aid kit

    - $20 for emergency only


    - how to change a flat tire

    - what the different lights and symbols on the dashboard mean, such as check engine, and the temperature gauge

    - what to do if you begin skidding on ice

    - what to do if you have to brake suddenly

    - what to do if you lose control of your vehicle

    I hope you are able to use some of these tips. If you can't teach him some of those things, have his dad, or a good friend of yours show him, and maybe you should learn too. It's a lot more comforting if you know he knows what to do. The only thing then to worry about would be a severe accident, but as a mother, you probably worry about that even when he's not driving. Just learn to trust him, and you'll be fine.

    Good luck!

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    It may be a good idea to have a time limit like no driving past 10:00 pm. Also to set limits on how far to drive, no driving to the next town or something. Assuming your son is trustworthy, reasonable limits can give you some peace of mind without restricting his freedom

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    My daughter has been driving now for almost 2 years and i still dont relax. It is all about being a good parent. But, if you trust your child and know hes responsible then yes you can relax a little bit. but, we never fully relax. I totally know how you are feeling.

    good luck.

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    Relaxes.. take a deep breath.. let your child or should i say teen drive as much as they can,.. practies makes perficet.. Remaber how you felt when you first started driving.. If they start becoming careless. take the driving away.. if they are having problems coach them.. but not to much coaching ....ok

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    You pray, and when you go places, let him drive you around so you can see how he drives. Follow him one night if you have another car...if he drives with no sense, then take away his driving priv, but if he's a good driver, just continue to pray. :)

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    I don't know but I get my permit in April ( I'm 15) and am scared of driving right now.

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    ppl calm down if he like scrachs it or anyting ground him and let it be known that he is not using your car until he fixes those scarches!~

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