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Okay. I have finally seen the crab nebula. Can I die now?

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  • Philo
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    1 decade ago
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    What has death to do with the Crab Nebula? It's not the only beautiful nebula out there, you know. Try M42 and M43.

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    Have you seen the Horsehead Nebula? Or the Witch Head Nebula?

    There are so many other nebulae out there, don't stop with just one! Here's a great link:

    Astronomy Picture of the Day, everyday they post a new picture of something wonderful. You can't die yet.

  • Angelz
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    nope... Mav think there are way more wonderful things to see, stick around and see them!!

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  • Anonymous
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    Anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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    Why so soon?

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