Thinking of relocating to miami...?

Lately i have been thinking of moving to miami because i love the many opporotunities, the warm weather and beach lifestyle. I want your opinion though is miami a good place for a girl just starting out to move. I have heard so many answers but i wana hear from people living in miami or who have lived there..

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    You are going to get mixed reviews.

    I used to live in South Florida for 4 yrs, moved back to the midwest. We moved there for many reasons. My husband lived there from age 10 to mid 20's...he moved to Chicago. He wanted to move back. His friends were there, he loved the lifestyle down there. Hanging around, beach, the Keys, boat, fishing, partying. We were tired of winters...decided to move and have a good time. The first 8-9 months were great. We took off for the Bahamas, the Keys...many times. But then it started to get tiresome. People were RUDE, things picked up in season when the snowbirds were down--and it was almost WORSE! Work ethics are lacking, jobs we had were underpaid or big brother like. Schools sucked. I guess the big thing I noticed is that once you are no longer---"vacationing"....and you need to do some grocery shopping, laundry---it is quite boring down there. You live in your AC house, drive in your AC car, to your AC work...and back again. The beach...I rarely went, it's really more for tourists. The pool...was like another piece of patio furniture. When the novelty wore off...Florida was nothing special. We also had our first child about 18 months after we go there, and our priorities changed. With that said, I think it depends on what you are looking for. You seem young and might like the change and carefree life. My husband had a great time there in his 20s, but his responsibilities changed and it just wasn't the same. It's hard to leave places you are used to. We are back in Chicago, better jobs, midwest mentality....and we are both much happier. And although we would NEVER move back, we don't hate Florida...we have lots of friends that transitioned down there well before us and are still there....and we are planning to visit them soon. We also have many friends that have left. I was told that Florida is a very transient state....and I understand why. Vacationing there, and living there---are TWO different things. Also, hurricanes suck. Good luck with your decision...

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    I live in Miami (i've lived here all my life ) and i want to get out of here ! i dont think its the best place for someone that is just starting out. the cost of living is super high that sometimes doesnt even match up to saleries. Everything is super expensive here, traffic is the worst, people are rude. Yea the beach is very pretty but forget about even thinking about living in the beach because that will cost you an arm and a leg and the traffic going there is horrible. When you look at from the outside miami sounds great but once you live here you'll know what i mean.. so i dont recommend you moving here.

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    I'm from Miami. I'd def. advise you to NOT move here. On a list of the most expensive cities in the US to live, Miami was the 3rd. The "beach lifestyle" doesn't really exist. the only way to do that is to live on Miami Beach, which no one can afford or you can afford by living in a run-down place. Miami is just EXTREMELY overcrowded and chaotic. Not to mention that it is extrmemly boring. Besides the actual water there are only clubs. The clubs get boring after awhile and then you're left with absolutely nothing to do. Miami is really expensive. The people here aren't nice, either. No one can drive, there's always traffic, no one speaks english ( seriously), and of course it's pretty violent here. It's not the peaceful beach lifestyle like people think it is... unless you have the loads of money. Oh yea, I was born here and have lived here my entire life.

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    i live in palm beach, about an hours away from miami and its the best area ever. MIAMI is even better tehn here if you like a laz lifestyle ull never be bored wit

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    there is no place interior the u . s . a . with a respectable job marketplace. there have been some yet then loads of unemployed human beings moved there. Washington DC and Texas have the least crummy job marketplace suitable now. in spite of the undeniable fact that DC isn't that each and all and sundry which risk-free nor are the factors of Texas with jobs.

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    It's very cool in florida i live here and it's very cool if you would want to go for a vacation or even to live. hope u have fun

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    Don't its dirty there.

    Anywhere else in Florida is better.

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    Don't go.

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