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Dude did Saddam like really kill all those Kurd dudes?? Or did he kick back in has palace and tell his Army to


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    Bin Lahdin didn't fly the planes on 9-11. But he was responsible.

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    Most often the army yet the army follows orders from above, the leader, the leader is where the butt stops.

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    He told his army to. They did his bidding.

    They used chemical weapon artillery shells like the ones our troops have been finding (about 500 so far). They tested mustard gas, nerve gas and cyanide on the villages to see which would be most effective.

    [SWMynx - Iraq manufactured their own mustard gas, nerve gas (from pesticide) and cyanide. These come from common industrial chemicals. You could make them in your kitchen, if you were fool enough.]

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    Where do we draw the line in wars?

    Did Bush really kill all of those civilians or did he . . . .

    Where did Saddam get his supply of mustard gases, his biological materials (hint . . .he was our buddy ol' pal in those days because of the Iran hostage crisis aftereffects . . . )

    Hmmm, if I know someone who shook Rummy's hand, and Rummy used to shake Saddam's hand, then I'm closer in degrees to Saddam than I am to Kevin Bacon . . .ewwwww!

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    That is hilarious! I like the joke. Good job, right on, yata yata yata.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    YES HE DID DUDE!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no he didn't

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