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What hairstyle would look good, if you are short and have a long, oval face?

What do you think? I currently have a hair that comes just below my shoulder with a bang that's cut just below my eyebrows.

I was thinking of getting a can I get a hair cut, so that my body doesn't look unbalanced (my face is big, so it looks unbalanced). Should I keep my hair long, or maybe cut it short? Also, is there any haircut that makes your face look smaller?

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    oval faces can usually pull ANY hairstyle off, so id go with groing your hair out longer, and keeping bangs. kinda of like this:

    hope this helps.

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    A friend of mine is like that and she has that shaggy style that adds volume to her thin long hair and balances her long face. Bob cut is good but the last time I saw her in that she looks like a child, because she is not too tall. Shaggy style looks more mature and stylish on her, but ask your hairstylist

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    I like mine shoulder length OR alittle longer-

    Don't go to short you can always cut more

    But It won't grow over night

    maybe try another color?

    and do the shoulder length


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    bobs and make your face look thinner. hoop earings also thin out your face. all haircuts siut oval shaped faces, you're very lucky!!

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