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Death Penalty.........???

i fully support the death penalty in the U.S. as a whole, though i DO NOT agree with the lethal injection because i believe it's too easy of a penalty for murderers.....i think the person should suffer as much as their victims....whats your opinion??

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    Before people make up their mind about the death penalty it is important to know the facts about it. This issue is too important not to know them.

    Here are just a few.

    1. The death penalty is not a deterrent. In fact, states with the death penalty have higher murder rates than those that do not have it.

    2. The system makes mistakes. Over 120 people have been released from death rows with evidence of their innocence. Once an execution takes place the case is closed. If an innocent person was executed that means the real killer is still out there.

    3. The system is racist in the sense that it is the race of the victim which matters. A defendant is twice as likely to face the death penalty if the victim was white than if the victim was non white.

    4. The cost of a system with capital punishment is many times greater than that of a system that does not have it. And a huge part of these costs has nothing to do with appeals. Money saved by not resorting to capital punishment could be used for victims services, which are always underfunded.

    5. People suffering from severe mental illness face the death penalty and have been executed, some after being forced to take anti psychotic medication to make them sane enough to understand what is happening.

    6. More and more states have life without possibility of parole on the books and Americans are realizing that it is a better sentence than death and that it does not risk killing an innocent person. Life without parole means what it says, and being locked up 23 of 24 hours a day, in a tiny cell, is no picnic. Life without parole is swift and sure.

    7. A death sentence can be very hard on the families of murder victims. As the legal process goes on, necessarily, so we can be as sure as possible that the prisoner is truly guilty, the families are forced to relive their ordeal over and over again. Again, sentences of life without parole are swift and sure and allow the families to deal with their terrible loss with the people who love them, not in courts and in the media.

    Those of us who oppose death penalty it do not condone vicious and depraved acts. We believe that murderers should be punished severely and swiftly. But we think that knowing the facts about the death penalty, rather than calling for vengeance makes good sense.

    Source(s): Death Penalty Information Center. To find out more about the effect of the death penalty on families of murder victims, check out some of the testimony at the New Jersey Legislature in Sept 2006- available at Death Penatly Info, at
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    I don't believe in death penalty at all. I believe all human beings should have the right to live as we're not the creator, we're not to destroy. If you think murderers should suffer before their death penalty, then you're no different to those murderers. That would make you one of them, a cold-blooded murderer. I believe taking one's life is a crime in any way, shape or form. Let's not judge other people as we're not sin-free.

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    I believe in the death penalty, but not in taking pleasure in vengeance. Doesn't that lower us to their level?

    I do, however, think it's extremely stupid to require a medical professional to supervise the procedure, or to make it as complex as it is for lethal injection. Junkies die while injecting themselves, needle still in the arm, because they got too pure a dose of heroin. I had a cat put to sleep and she was gone in seconds. Why should it take pre-sedation and three separate medications to execute someone? Think about it. Animals are always put down much more quickly. Strap the person down, give him one shot. He's gone.

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    I too believe in the death penalty, but...As a civilized society we can not stoop to the level of the murders to" get even". Although we must take these types of criminals out of the world. They will only kill again and suck us dry! the death penalty is the best way to eliminate them as chronic problems.

    Source(s): just my own opinion!
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    I believe in the death penalty. Although I think those who torture others should be tortured, I am glad we don't do that. I think lethal injection is best.

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    i personally don't agree with it because i think that the criminal should live with the guilt of the crime day after day. they should think about it, locked in a cell with no escape for the rest of their life.

    but speaking of the death penalty, i prefer the electric chair.

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    i live in texas and am for the death penatly, my relatives up norh think its wrong... i wonder how much of where you live influences answers of the question? but i don't agree in giving the same punishment,, you know how messed up those doing the torture wld be? or raping? or whatever the crime was - yikes!!

    just becuz they're animals, we shldn't force those injecting them to become animals. I'm just grateful there are people who can do it, i wld hv a hard time if it were up to me to put someone to death.

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    i agree with u but i had a expeirence where my cousin got shot and the guy who did it got 30 years in jail and the guy who just stood there got the death penalty and i am thinkin to myself shouldn't that be reversed???????

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    Murder somebody for committing murder? Not only barbaric, but illogical as well. Thank god Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia have seen the light and have done away with this Draconian punishment.

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    I love your thinking, this nation became more civilized because we have a justice system and took the trash out . but over the last say 30 years or so we have been laxed and we are becoming less civil to many lawyers with loopholes and liberal *******

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